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H1b visa is a good choice to stay in the United States

H1b visa (also known as h1b签证) is a kind of work visa, which is used to issue h1b visa to foreign employees with professional skills employed by American companies. The holder of h1b visa can work in the United States for three years and then apply for h-1b extension for another three years. Therefore, the validity of h-1b visa is six years in total. To get an h1b visa again in the future, you need to leave the United States for at least a year.

The application for h1b visa is relatively simpler than o1 visa (also known as o1签证), but there will be a lottery for h1b visa, and there are only 65,000 h-1b Regular Cap each year. In addition, there are 20,000 places to be offered annually to applicants with masters or masters degrees in the United States. So the number of people who get h1b visas is 85,000 a year. Please note that according to the laws of the United States implementing h1b1 program, the h1b1 program reserves 6,800 of the 65,000 h1b Regular Cap positions for citizens of Chile and Singapore each fiscal year. The unused quota will be moved to the next year.

H1b lottery (also known as h1b抽签) uses computer lottery. H1b adopts the new lottery system from April 1, 2019. The first round of balloting will draw 65,000 slots from all applicants (Regular Cap applicants). Applicants who have obtained a Master’s degree or above in the United States and are not selected in the first round of lottery are to enter the second round of lottery to apply for 20,000 places to be Exemption for h1b Master degrees.

The application process for h1b is very complicated. If you don’t have enough energy to prepare, you can entrust h1b lawyer (also known as h1b律师). The fee for h1b lawyer (also known as h1b律师费) is not too high, and most people can afford it. Usually I can also pay more attention to h1b articles (also known as h1b文章), which will give you some reference and remind you of some matters needing attention.

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